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Grinderman Receipes

Voted by consumers under consumer's survey of India, Sumeet outwits competition to  win  India's most   trusted   Brand   Award.

Grinderman lets you make lots of receipes right from Kofta curry, hyderabadi biryani, coconut chutney, idlis, smoothies, juices and more. Explore our receipe section.

About Sumeet 

Sumeet has always stood for Versatility, Reliability and Durability. Sumeet celebrates 50 years of people’s trust who have continuously revered Sumeet products for their quality and performance. With main focus on meaningful innovation, Sumeet has revolutionized kitchen appliances category with technology and applications that have made lives of people easy and comfortable. It is this trust that keeps Sumeet’s legacy going with continuous innovations and avant garde products that enhance and elevate the overall experience of living.

Quality Policies

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